Lucardus Ucurius Gorm

Pentarch of the Archon Kimdar

LvL: 5 Profession: Magician Race: Kinsai Place of Origin: Itanis
Realm: Essence Religion: Church of Orhan Date of Birth:
Physical Height: 0 Weight: 0 Age: 0
Sex: male Hair: 0 Eyes: 0 Vision: normal

Special Abilities:

Background Options:

Spell Lists
Open Essence Closed Essence Magician Base
Rune Mastery Spell Enhancement Fire Law
Spell Wall Invisible Ways Wind Law
Shield Mastery Light Law
Elemental Summons
Conveying Ways

Yup – it’s me! Can’t you see? ROAST IT!
I am actually what someone might call a Fire-starter.

Lucardus Ucurius Gorm

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