The Serene Czar That Enlivenes the Elder

LvL: 3 Profession: Crystal Mage Race: Synshar Place of Origin: Uj Desert
Realm: Essence & Channeling Religion: local spirits Date of Birth:
Physical Height: 0 Weight: 0 Age: 0
Sex: male Hair: 0 Eyes: 0 Vision: normal

Special Abilities: cold-blooded (resistant to natural heat; vulnerable to natural cold); Skin is natural AT3; Inner eye-lid

Background Options: Runic Lore (+25)

Spell Lists
Open Essence Closed Essence Open Channeling Closed Channeling Crystal Mage Base
Crystal Magic
Brilliance Magic
Deep Earth Commune

Sladazz is a holy man, as considered by his people. He has embarked on a quest to find the True Vern’Ch’R’dath, or ‘Might wood thing of awesome cooleness’. Unfortunately he got caught by some priest of Zadrak along the way and ended up in their dungeons.


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