Storm of Darkness

In Dungeons Dark
First Adventure: Escape

You have been rotting is this dark and damp dungeon for ages, as it seems. The church of Zanar got hold of all of you quite a while ago.
They said you are heretics, or just a strange being held captive for further questioning. Or you are to be considered enemy of their god, Zanar.

Whatsoever it was about time to get moving. Your ‘interview’ was due in a couple of days. Or so they said. And what they understand by Interview is a very thorough interrogation..or…torture. As it seems the Inquisition does like bloody torture a lot – and somehow you don’t share these tastes.

So you decided to leave. Quickly. There was this warrior, oh, well, Paladin as he calls himself, who succesfully disabled some guards and got hold of his cell-keys. Within minutes you were all free. Unfortuantely some othe guards raised the alarm and not before long there were soldiers swarming all over this damned dungeon.

But you made your escape into some old and long forgotten tunnels, leading far away and down to an ancient ruin. Something was lurking there in the shadows, hiding, stalking you. But finally you escaped even this trap without casualties. But the Paladin was hurt badly.

You decided to stay away from the city and all major roads. Just in case the Church of Zanar doesn’t give up it’s prisoners so quickly.
A couple of days walk from the coast you found shelter in a small village where you went into hiding for a while until the Paladin was back up and awake. The village healer was a great help in this.

But now you set out again. You are back on the roads, travelling on overgrown paths and avoiding undue attention…


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