Richard Hellreaper

Ardanian Prince of Sudur-Selarchis

LvL: 3 Profession: Paladin Race: Laan Place of Origin: Sudur-Selarchis
Realm: Channeling Religion: Church of Orhan Date of Birth: unknown
Physical Height: 0 Weight: 0 Age: 0
Sex: male Hair: 0 Eyes: 0 Vision: normal

Special Abilities: unknown

Background Options: unknown

Spell Lists
Open Channeling Closed Channeling Paladin Base
Arm’s Way

Richard is a mighty Paladin and royal heir to the throne of Ardania in central Emer. He spend quite a significant part of his youth at the Changramai monastry where he was trained in martial arts. Unfortunately he has the tendency to get grilled.

Richard Hellreaper

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