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This Wiki serves as database for various adventures. Some of them are loosely linked but most are more or less completely independent of each other. Nevertheless a comprehensive knowledge of details from the past might enhance the understanding of future events.

The Tome of Illuminated Wisdom

Master Atlas

In this section you will find information about the various continents, realms and places throughout the planet Kulthea.

Powers of Light and Darkness

This section provides detailed information about local gods or the major churches of the realms where the adventuring group passes through while travelling.


The chapter on cultures contains mainly information about races the adventurers encountered during their travels or at least heard of.

Groups of Note

Within these pages is chronicled what Powers pull the threads behind the scenes. There will be more details about secret orders and various powerful NPCs and groupings.


Monsters and other types abound between these pages. Beware! Here be dragons!


Main Page

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